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Debt Recovery

Credit protection has a significant impact on the liquidity of businesses.

Our team of experts is able to evaluate and identify the best strategies to undertake to recover debt owned based on the situation.

Our services:

Warning letters and formal notices: Effective drafting of demand letters that comply with legal requirements and clearly communicate the interest in fulfilment and the consequences of non-payment.

Negotiation and settlement: Our lawyers are experienced negotiators who understand business practices and can interact with debtors to explore all options to avoid litigation.

Legal actions: If attempts at out-of-court resolution are unsuccessful, our team is ready to take appropriate legal actions. We have extensive experience in the field of debt recovery, including the injunctive and enforcement processes.

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Contact us on 02 3056 5370. Our legal experts include:

Manuela Danza

Head of Operations and Legal

Vedi Profilo


When pursuing the fulfilment of outstanding debt, there are several factors to consider:

Documentation: It is necessary to have adequate documentation, such as contracts, invoices, or receipts that clearly outline the amount of the outstanding debt.

Communications: It is important to maintain clear, professional, and traceable communication with the debtor.

The duration of the debt recovery process can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the debtor's willingness to cooperate, and the chosen method of debt recovery.

In some cases, debts can be recovered relatively quickly through out-of-court means. Legal action, if necessary, requires more time. It is important, therefore, to consult with experts who are ready and available to assess your specific situation and provide an estimation of the time and costs based on the circumstances of the particular case.

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