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Commercial Litigation

Every type of litigation is different, and our lawyers specialise in finding effective solutions through tailored litigation strategies. Whether it’s contractual disputes, shareholder disagreements, intellectual property conflicts, or any other type of commercial dispute, our team of litigation specialists will be by your side to plan the best protection for your interests.

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What is Assisted Negotiation?

The most common form of ADR is assisted negotiation, where the parties, assisted by their lawyers, formally commit to amicably resolving the dispute. Our professionals provide support and assistance throughout the negotiation process.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process conducted with the assistance of a mediator, who facilitates the resolution of the dispute. The mediator’s role is to attempt to reach a settlement agreement.

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is an alternative method of dispute resolution to traditional courts. It allows the parties to entrust the resolution of a dispute to one or more individuals known as “arbitrators,” who, at the end of the proceedings, issue a binding decision (known as an “arbitral award”) that is enforceable against the parties, similar to a court judgment.

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After initiating a commercial dispute, a company may face various potential negative consequences: financial losses, reputational damage, more difficult business relationships, diversion of resources, and potential loss of customers.

Our legal experts provide tailored advice for each specific situation to mitigate any risks.

There are many legal strategies that can be employed to address a commercial dispute. However, every dispute is different, and there is no universal approach. It is important to consider, for example, alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. It is important to consider, for example, alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.

Furthermore, it is necessary to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, including factors such as time, costs, privacy, provisional enforceability, and potential medium to long-term outcomes. Therefore, determining the most appropriate strategy for the specific case is crucial.

Alternative dispute resolution methods include activities such as mediation and arbitration, to name a few. It is always advisable to assess the benefits in terms of cost, time efficiency, flexibility, and privacy that these mechanisms provide.

Oracle Solicitors specialises in providing expert guidance on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques based on the specific needs of each case. Our goal is to achieve practical and effective results for our clients.

Alternative dispute resolution techniques offer numerous advantages, including:

Cost efficiency: ADR methods often result in significant cost savings compared to lengthy court proceedings, avoiding excessive and unpredictable litigation costs.

Speed: ADR generally offers shorter resolution times compared to traditional litigation.

Preservation of business relationships: Maintaining positive business relationships is crucial. ADR techniques, such as mediation, encourage open communication and cooperation, enabling parties to work towards mutually acceptable solutions.

Flexibility and control: ADR methods are tailored to the specific needs of the parties involved, allowing a certain degree of autonomy in seeking solutions, leading to more satisfactory outcomes for all parties involved.

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