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Intellectual Property Claims

Innovation and creativity are fundamental values for business success, and it is essential to protect ideas, inventions, and registered trademarks from being copied or stolen.

Our professionals provide assistance and advice in the following situations:

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Intellectual property infringement occurs when someone uses, reproduces, distributes, or exploits intellectual works and creations without authorisation from the creator.

If there is a concrete fear of intellectual property infringement, it is possible to request:

Injunctive relief: ordering a party to refrain from or cease an unlawful behaviour.

Damages: if the infringement has caused financial losses, a claim for compensation can be made.

Accounting of profits: under Directive 2004/48/EC, the infringer may be ordered to surrender the profits obtained as a result of the infringement, as an alternative to compensation.

Delivery or destruction: after establishing the infringement, the court may order the infringer to deliver or destroy any materials, products, or copies that have been unlawfully produced or used.

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