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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Oracle Solicitors has a cross-functional department with expertise in economic and financial matters specialising in the management of Mergers and Acquisitions transactions.

Key areas of expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions:

Due Diligence: We conduct rigorous due diligence to assess the legal, financial, and operational aspects of target companies. Our lawyers identify potential risks, liabilities, and opportunities, supporting the client in the decision-making process.

Transaction Structuring and Negotiation: We provide assistance in structuring M&A transactions. Our lawyers negotiate and draft the necessary agreements, including letters of intent, purchase contracts, shareholders’ agreements, and other relevant documents.

Regulatory Compliance: During M&A transactions, we ensure the client’s full compliance with competition laws and specific industry requirements.

Post-Transaction Integration: After the completion of an M&A deal, we provide support in the integration process.

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A merger occurs when two or more companies join together to form a new entity. In a merger, participating companies pool their assets, liabilities, and operations to create a unified entity, often utilizing an existing concept in the market.

An acquisition occurs when one company acquires another company. In an acquisition, the acquiring company takes control of the operations, assets, and liabilities of the acquired company.

Due diligence is a crucial phase in the M&A process that involves conducting a comprehensive investigation of the target company. The purpose of due diligence is to assess the financial, legal, operational, and commercial aspects of the target to identify potential risks, liabilities, and opportunities.

It is important to examine the target company's financial statements, tax filings, cash flows, and financial projections to evaluate its financial position, profitability, and economic potential.

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