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The role of women in Italian companies

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Women in Management and Italian Companies


 Women are increasingly present in the workforce, but still too few in leadership roles, however, changes, albeit marginal, are beginning to be seen. Just recently, Forbes has compiled the list of the best companies in the world for women in 2023. To create the list, approximately 70,000 women working in multinational companies in 37 countries were interviewed. What stands out is certainly Italy’s positioning in this ranking: only 4 Italian companies are attentive to the needs of women in the workplace. The first is Generali (22nd), followed by Enel (114th), Ferrero (275th) and Eni (293rd). Inizio modulo

The Challenges Facing Women

In Italy, women with a management position face a series of obstacles that limit their career opportunities and professional fulfilment, including:

• The gender pay gap, which refers to gender inequality from an economic and salary perspective. According to Istat, in 2019, women earned on average 18.8% less than men, with a difference that increases with the level of education and qualification.

• The low presence of women in strategic and innovative sectors, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), where women account for only 15.5% of graduates and 13.4% of doctorates. These sectors are crucial for the country’s economic and social development, offering the greatest opportunities in terms of growth and employment.


• The lack of welfare policies and incentives for women who want to pursue entrepreneurial or managerial careers. In Italy, women must contend with a limited supply of childcare and elderly care services, with a taxation system that penalizes the second family income, in a culture that assigns women the primary role of caregiving and family support.”

The Added Values

However, women in these management positions demonstrate characteristics and skills that make them effective and appreciated in their role:

• The ability to multitask, i.e., to manage multiple activities simultaneously without losing sight of objectives and priorities. Women  are accustomed to coordinating work with family and personal responsibilities, developing greater flexibility and adaptability to complex and unexpected situations.

• Participative and collaborative leadership style, based on involvement and motivation of team members, appreciation of diversity and skills, effective and transparent communication, delegation, and trust.

• Customer orientation, resulting in greater attention to needs and expectations, satisfaction, and loyalty, attention to detail, and pursuit of excellence. 

The Role of Women at Oracle Solicitors

With offices in the UK, Europe, and Africa, the role of women at Oracle Solicitors is increasingly predominant.

Approximately 60% of the personnel at Oracle are women. Specifically, there are 102 women compared to 68 men working in our company, with 19 in leadership roles.

Therefore, women play a central and centralized role in our company, and this seems to be just the starting point of an increasingly greater gender parity and integration, which is part of our corporate culture.”

Our Chief Operations Officer, Claire Kelly, and our Chief Executive Officer have been asked about the role of women in Oracle Solicitors.

Here’s their thoughts:

Claire Kelly, COO:

“I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of women’s roles within Oracle. From my beginnings as a paralegal to my current position as COO, I’ve seen our company culture actively embrace and empower women at every level. Oracle Solicitors recognises the perspectives and talents that women bring to the table, and we’re committed to creating an environment where they can succeed. Oracle’s dedication to gender diversity isn’t just about meeting quotas—it’s about the full potential of the workforce and driving innovation forward. As a woman, I support the belief that if united, women are a powerful force, and I firmly believe in women and their capabilities when united.”

Sajjad Shan, CEO:

“I’ve always believed in the power of diversity and inclusion to drive our company’s success. From the very start, women have played a role in shaping our culture and contributing to our growth. Today, I am proud to see how our commitment to empowering women has strengthened our company. I am personally dedicated to ensuring that women have equal opportunities to excel and lead within our company, from leadership roles to every corner – for example, Claire Kelly COO, Manuela Danza, Head of Italy, and Esther Schmid, Head of Germany, because I know that their perspectives and talents are essential to our continued success.”

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